Get organized, stay committed and write a book in 90 days!


This course teaches you how to attract your ideal reader,

break your idea into manageable chunks and

create a realistic writing schedule.







You want to write a kicka*s non-fiction book that inspires people to cook healthy 20-minute meals, repair a marriage after infidelity, become a foster parent to teens or avoid rookie mistakes as a first-time #bosslady—or something like that, right?


You’re not alone. And right now it feels like…

You’re stuck. You’ve scribbled notes about this juicy book idea in a notebook, but you don’t know what to do with it. So it’s just sitting there going nowhere, meanwhile your neighbor is launching a 50-page eBook about DIY coffins for small pets. 

You’re unorganized. You’ve written a very messy chapter about living with bi-polar disorder and you’ve clueless about how to make each section flow (seamlessly) into the next one.

You’re not confident. You’re wondering if your tell-all book about being the secret lovechild of a former president will get anyone’s attention.

The struggle is real.


And I know that you’re tired of it. I know because I’ve been there too.

I also know that you’re tired of:

    1. Starting and stopping (and starting and stopping—again)
    2. Being scared of the power of your story
    3. Choosing to wash a load of funky load of laundry instead of spending two hours writing
    4. Being shy about your talent
    5. Seeing another person on your social media feed brag about writing a book

It’s time to stop torturing yourself.


Here’s the truth: There’s no magic bullet to writing a book. But that doesn’t mean it’s out of your reach. You just need to get serious and invest in your talent and your story.

Before you start telling that “I can’t do” lie, know that you absolutely can. If it’s important to you, you’ll make time. If not, you’ll make excuses.

And you’re here learning about Jumpstart Your Book because you’re soooo done with excuses, right? Good.

Not long ago, I had to get serious and invest in myself, kill the excuses and get to work. I invested in a course that motivated my pen game and taught me how to self-publish my book. And becoming an author made me an expert and put a few extra thousand coins in my pocket.


The Jumpstart Your Book course was designed to get your creative mojo back and help you start and finish your book…fast. 


I’m Taiia Smart Young and I’m here to make sure your book:

  • Connects with your ideal reader (Example: foodies in search of vegan soul food—and yes these  folks do exist)
  • Is unputdownable (that’s short for it’s so freaking entertaining/moving/riveting that readers simply CANNOT it down)
  • Gets written in 90 days (it sounds crazy but this CAN be done. I’m proof of that.)

Why should you rock with me? As a professional writer, editor and author (whose worked in publishing for more than a decade), I’ve helped countless writers improve their stories and my mission is to help aspiring authors tell damn good stories.

My motto is this: Yeah, write. (#YeahWrite) It’s a coded way to tell newbie writers (and myself!) stop all of that yakking about your idea and get to work. (Did I go overboard by putting it on a T-shirt? Nope!)


Ideas are NOTHING without execution.  


3 Video Modules That Cover:

    1. Deciding which idea is right for you
    2. Breaking down your concept into sub-topics
    3. Examining different non-fiction formats
    4. Knocking down distractions (and rewarding yourself!)
    5. Creating writing habits vs. waiting for inspiration to strike

Assignments + Brainstorms Tailored To:

  1. Creating an outline (and not flying by the seat of your pants like an amateur)
  2. Deciding on the tone of the book
  3. Setting a realistic writing schedule
  4. Planning for research, interviews and/or testing
  5. Making a daily word count

1 epic workbook with space to write and complete your brainstorming sessions and assignments.


After You Finish The Course, You’ll Have:

  1. A working title
  2. A working synopsis
  3. An avatar of your ideal reader (i.e. single moms in their 30s)
  4. A rough draft of your TOC (table of contents)
  5. The FIRST 1,000 words of your book (WHAT?! Yep. You, my friend, are going to enter the get-it-done mode!)

Doesn’t that sound better than trying to figure out how to write a book by yourself?

Doesn’t that sound better than doing a load of laundry while pretending that your big, juicy book idea can wait until next year?

Doesn’t that sound better than wasting time going to happy hour with annoying people who work your last nerve? 

I know it does. 

My Jumpstart Your Book course is filled with the creative the tips, tools and rock star moves that I used to write my book. Yeah, I’m about that rock star life! Let’s face it, everybody SHOULD channel his or her inner rock star when it’s time to make a power move (ask for a raise, move to a new city, perform a triple Salchow on ice skates or write a heartbreaking memoir). The same rules apply here.


When the course launches in November 2017, the price will increase from $97 to $197.  

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